Polinet A.Ş. - Plastic Netting Production
Our vision

We always provide new and high quality products in the best conditions and minimum time according to the request of the consumer.

Our mission

We aim to develop and grow in the plastic packaging sector and we are moving steadily and safely with our experienced staff. '' Quality is always trust, trust; Polinet always has a duty of quality with its principle of high quality customer potential.


Our company was founded in 1972 in Istanbul Bağcılar with the help of our esteemed Father Çağdan MERTER, plastic injection and extruder machine, was established to repair, maintenance and repair of an individual company. When dealing with this type of work, Plastic Netting, Extrude Netting machines and molds of these machines were among our work. When we wanted to provide plastic netting for the purpose of protecting the machine parts we produced from time to time, we saw that the products we could find were quite poor quality and unstable and we came to the conclusion that; Manufacture of plastic nets probably never been a subject of much attention in Turkey or production manufacturers because it is very problematic to have to look very hot topic.

The gap of this issue was evident. At this time, when our country is in need of employment, it is our country’s interest to use domestic goods and to encourage it.

In order to realize this idea, in 2004 POLINET PACKAGING SOLUTIONS INC., we have started to produce extrude mesh, plastic mesh in world norms by using 100% original raw material with our own production machines, 100% domestic in many sectors under POLINET FILE brand. And every day, our company increases the product range and most importantly the product quality.

The aim of our company is to provide domestic, quality, economic and durable goods to the consumer. Our expectation from the consumer is to increase the interest in domestic production and to support the domestic industrialists in this sense. As Polinet File, we believe that we are a good example for entrepreneurs in our country. We wish success to all manufacturers who are committed to this business and who struggle with foreign brands and firms by keeping the country’s interests in the forefront.

It is an example of the reflection of the struggling spirit of the Turkish people from the history of Turkish people to the industry.

We have no doubt that Turkish people will win big battles on industry and development, and we will never be …